Stopping time

Sometimes I wished I could stop time just for a while. It’d be great to sleep just a little longer, work on a project that isn’t quite perfect yet, read some book or write that book I’ve begun many times but never finished.

Trouble is that a while ago I realized how horrible it would be to actually do that. Not the idea itself, as I said it is quite appealing. The trouble is however that if time stopped around you you would actually freeze to death nearly instantly.

Heat is the vibration and motion of atoms and molecules, the faster they vibrate the hotter they are. If they don’t vibrate at all they are very cold (0K or -273C) In order for something to vibrate it needs time. If there is no time it cannot vibrate.

So if you slow time or stop it all together the molecules and atoms around you are still. you’re atoms and molecules will bump into them and try to transfer some energy from them to the still molecules losing some energy and thus heat themselves. This means that you’d quickly freeze to death.

I do see a way around it though and it’s in space. Space stations, satellites and space shuttles are all insulated to deal with the extreme cold (and heat) of space. So you’d need a room insulated like a space station and just freeze the time outside of that room if you’d like the benefit of stopping time without the hassle of freezing to death.

Now that is sorted you just need a device that can freeze time, no problem there then.